Do you feel like you can’t get rid of your anxiety?

This is not your fault!

Most treatments, advice and approaches are only aimed at helping you to manage and live with your anxiety.

Besides this a lot of approaches DO focus on healing anxiety are incomplete and insufficient to end anxiety. They are comparable to just training your biceps in the gym.. This is not enough to create a fit body, in the same way those approaches are not enough to create lasting change and sooner or later anxiety will finds it way back to you..

If you want to get a fit and healthy body you need a complete approach. You need to have a nutrition plan, a weight training schedule, sleep well, do cardio, take supplements and know how to perform the exercises well. The same applies to anxiety, a complete approach is needed if you want to completely heal your anxiety.

This is where Project Fearless comes in!

No more 'just managing' anxiety

Are you sick and tired of living with anxiety and do you feel stuck, because nothing seems to work?

The old model for treating anxiety is only aimed at managing and teaching you how to live with anxiety. It's time for a change!
Project Fearless does not treat symptoms, but tackles the cause, so that you create quick and lasting results!

The program helps you to eliminate anxiety at its core. The program works for all forms of anxiety including, general anxiety, OCD, Pure O, panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias, depersonalization etc. If anxiety is the problem, Project Fearless is the solution!

Heal your anxiety WITHOUT expensive therapy and medication

75% of people who suffer from anxiety do not find proper help. They want to overcome anxiety on their own, without expensive therapies and numbing themselves with medication..

We understand you and you know what?

You can overcome anxiety on your own without expensive therapy and medication! Project Fearless is developed to enable you to overcome anxiety on your own and start your journey to an anxiety-free life from your own laptop or mobile phone!

But you are not on your own, the Fearless Bay team and the community are there for you, when you need us!

Will you be our next case study?

“I used to experience random panic attacks and I didn’t know how to stop them. Thanks to anxiety I had a hard time functioning and my work and relationship suffered because of it. I am happy that this chapter in my life is behind me and that I can enjoy the little things again. I feel like a different person. Sometimes I even catch myself smiling for no reason, I am more productive at work. I’m simply in a better place."
I. de Jong
"I had suffered panic attacks going back at least a decade and my social anxiety was affecting my confidence I’ve tried pretty much anything and nothing seemed to work for me like I wanted it to.  Now I feel like I'm much more in control and I'm more comfortable in situations that scared me before. It’s unbelievable how much can change if you take small steps everyday." 

The Transformational all-in-one Approach

Project Fearless offers the most complete approach and combines new wave psychology, meditation, mindfulness, exercise, nutrition and personal development to help you transform and tackle anxiety from all angles to create lasting change.

A full recovery from anxiety requires a complete transformation in your internal world first and your external world second.

The Transformation all-in-on Approach helps you to develop habits and create lifestyle changes that will transform your internal world and help you to create positive changes in your external world!

Transform anxiety into power

Where all other approaches stop, Project Fearless continues. Pain and difficult times are the greatest transformational forces that shape us and can help us reinvent ourselves. Anxiety develops a power within you that will emerge when you overcome your anxiety.

Project Fearless guides you in finding your purpose and passion and helps you to use your new-found inner power to fearlessly chase your dreams and create your best life. When you make positive changes in your external world, you will unlock ever greater levels of happiness and strength. Forward movement is the remedy for fear and anxiety!

The program teaches you how to use anxiety to grow and reinvent yourself. Less Fear, More Life!

What is discussed in the program

Project Fearless consists of 43 videos with more than 8 hours of video material!

A new Chapter

The goal of this introduction module is to normalize anxiety, this is the first step towards healing anxiety

Overcome the Monkey Mind

In week 1 you will learn the most effective, single method to break free from anxiety, called the 5-Step Method

Reprogram the Mind

In week 2 you will get all the tools to reprogram the anxious mind. You will learn how to change the current mental program and replace it with a more constructive one

The Anxiety-Proof Diet

In week 3 you will get a diet that is easy to maintain, personalized and improves your mental well-being instantly

Tranformational Exercise

In week 4 you will learn why certain types of exercise will boost your recovery from anxiety. It will enable you to easily maintain a personalized exercise routine and get the most results from working out


Week 5 will be all about finding your fire and transforming anxiety into power. You will do exercises that will help you find out what your life purpose is and why, and it will show you how you can fearlessly flow towards your dreams

Here's an overview of everything that's included

Project Fearless comes with a great package of additional bonuses!

Project Fearless video course

(Value: $997,-)

Project Fearless ensures the optimal learning experience. The program lasts 5 weeks and guides you in making lifestyle changes and develop habits that will help you to create lasting change and become the best and strongest version of yourself.

Bonus 1: The Limitless Moment Mind Reprogramming Exercise

(Value: $397,-)

This guided meditation is extremely effective. It helps transform and reprogram your anxious mind. It will break the anxious mental program that keeps you stuck and helps you to replace it with a more constructive one!

Bonus 2: The Transformational Mastery Plan

(Value: $247,-)

this system ensures that you can learn new habits and make changes in your lifestyle in an easy and fun way. For each part of the program you have a week to complete challenges.

Bonus 3: The Transformation Library

(Value: $197,-)

To ensure an optimal learning experience you will get 7 eBooks! This way you can learn the way that suits you best. You can listen to the material, watch the material and read about the material as well.

Bonus 4: The Fearless Bay tribe

(Value: $497,-)

With the Fearless Bay Tribe you will never feel alone again. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are all on the same journey. It is a place where people help and serve each other. When you purchase Project Fearless you get lifetime access to this growing community!

Total value: $2385,-

Get access to Project Fearless for only 1 dollar today! ($1 for 7 days, then full price)


Project Fearless

  • The most complete and effective way to end anxiety for good
  • Learn how to transform anxiety into power and live your best life
  • Monthly payment plan (4x $165)
  • Get access to Project Fearless for only 1 dollar today! ($1 for 7 days, then full price)

After the payment you will get direct access to the first videos and will be added in the Fearless Bay Tribe. Your journey can begin in just a few clicks!

Make the rest of your life the best of your life!

   Note: This offer is available for a limited time only!   

Money-back guarantee

If after 21 days, in the unlikely event, you decide that Project Fearless is not for you, then
you will get all your money back. If you want to end the 7-day trial you can also send us an email and we will arrange the cancellation and refund your money!

Project Fearless is like nothing you have tried so far.

Heals anxiety from its core

Most methods and coping techniques out there are aimed at managing anxiety, but not Project Fearless! The goal is to heal anxiety from its core 

Unique transformation program

The program helps you to create lifestyle changes and to develop habits that will enable you to transform both your internal and external world

The most complete approach

Project Fearless combines nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, CBT and personal development to tackle anxiety from all angles and create lasting change

Money-Back Guarantee

If, in the unlikely event, you decide that it’s not for you, we will refund all your money

Transformation Mastery System

You will be guided step by step through the entire program. Each week you will learn about a new topic and have enough time to apply it in your life, before moving on to the next step!

Backed by countless studies

All information in Project Fearless has been proven by numerous scientific studies and the latest developments in psychology

It's time to stand up to anxiety and join the movement. You get lifelong access to the Fearless Bay Tribe, when you enroll in Project Fearless!

Meet the creator of the program

When Ronny Oosterling struggled with anxiety he tried everything to get rid of his anxiety, without any lasting results. After many years of study and trial and error he created a blueprint to heal anxiety at it's core, which is now know as the Tranformational all-in-one Approach to anxiety. 

With 8+ years of experience he has personally helped hundreds of people completely heal their anxiety. Now he is helping people from all over the world to rise above their anxiety and find their true power with his books 'Courage' and 'The 5-Step Method', and Project Fearless

Imagine for a moment...

How your life will be like once you have healed your anxiety. 

What would you do?
Who would you become?
How would your life be different?
What could you bring to this world?

That life that you secretly dream is possible and you CAN heal your anxiety and become the person you are meant to be.

BUT, this is the hard truth about anxiety, it will not magically disappear or go away on it's own..

So far everything you have tried has not worked out and this is not your fault, you just missed the right approach!

Now the question really is, how done are you with anxiety?

Can you keep living like this for one more year, 3 more years or 10 more years?

Or are you really sick and tired of anxiety and do you want to get your life back?

If you answered yes to the last question, then act now!

Most people spend a thousand dollars on a new Iphone or spend hundreds of dollars a month on new shoes, clothing etc.

But when it’s time to invest in themselves they won’t make the investment.

They basically say that an Iphone is more important than their happiness, well-being, health and fulfillment in live.

We care about you and we want to help you, and we will not charge you thousands of dollars, not at all!

This year you can overcome your anxiety with Project Fearless and start your journey towards an unlimited life, for less than 0.70 dollars a day.

That's less, then a cup of tea! 

You now have 2 choices, you can do nothing and and try to figure it all out by yourself OR you can save yourself many precious years of trial and error and follow a proven blueprint that has already worked for thousands of people.

This question is probably the most important to ask yourself:

What are you missing out on because of your anxiety?

Your deserve to live your life to the fullest, so don't wait any longer and try Project Fearless for 7 days for just 1 dollar! 


Project Fearless

  • The most complete and effective way to end anxiety for good
  • Learn how to transform anxiety into power and live your best life
  • Two bonus modules
  • Monthly payment plan (4x $165)
  • Get access to Project Fearless for only 1 dollar today! ($1 for 7 days, then full price)

After the payment you will get direct access to the first videos and will be added in the Fearless Bay Tribe. Your journey can begin in just a few clicks!

Make the rest of your life the best of your life!

   Note: This offer is available for a limited time only!   

Money-back guarantee

If after 21 days, in the unlikely event, you decide that Project Fearless is not for you, then
you will get all your money back. If you want to end the 7-day trial you can also send us an email and we will arrange the cancellation and refund your money!

"I was plagued with anxiety for years and tried to prepare myself to learn to live with it. Ronny opened my eyes and showed me that I can choose to get up and overcome my Anxiety. Now I am proud to say that I am anxiety free. I really feel like I've made a fresh start."

M. Jones 

"It's unbelievable to see how rapidly my relationship with anxiety changed. I realize that I am so much bigger than my anxiety and it doesn't hold me back anymore. The only way to cure anxiety is go right through it, I love it!"

B. Versteeg


Is this program suitable for me and my situation?

Answer: If you have anxiety and feel like you are being held back by anxiety then yes this program is for you! It does not matter in what form the fear manifests itself, if anxiety is the underlying cause then this program will help you. The methods and changes in lifestyle and habits have worked wonders for people who suffer from anxiety symptoms. It doesn't matter whether you suffer from OCD, Pure O, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, depersonalization, intrusive thoughts or whatever manifestation of anxiety.

How fast will I overcome my anxiety?

Answer: Everyone overcomes anxiety at his or her own pace. Anxiety is a complex mechanism and every person is different, but if you go for it fully and continue to apply everything in your life, you will eventually achieve lasting results and overcome your anxiety. Project Fearless consists of the most effective approaches and lifestyle changes. Unlike much of the public's advice, which only temporarily reduces anxiety, the approaches and methods from Project Fearless will reinforce each other and create a lifelong transformation.

My anxiety is really intense and I already struggle with anxiety for more then a decade, will this work for me?

Answer: No matter how severe your anxiety is or how long you already struggle with your anxiety. With the right approach your can reverse decades of anxiety. For some it will take a little longer to make a full recovery from anxiety, but if you stick with the approach, eventually you will heal your anxiety and create lasting change.

What happens after the payment?

Answer: Once you have paid, the instructions will show you the next steps. It is very simple. You will have direct access to the program environment, so that you can watch the first videos right away. You also get access to the Fearless Bay Tribe, where you can connect with other like-minded people. Our support is also always there for you!

I can't imagine someone experiences the same sensations as me, will the program work for me?

Answer: Millions of people do experience the same anxious intrusive thoughts and feelings. The chance that you get hit by a meteor is bigger then to encounter a fearful sensation or thought that nobody else have experienced. It may feel like you have a unique cocktail of anxiety symptoms, because your anxiety could be so intense and the sensations can feel so strange, but trust us you don't and this is good news, this means that there are people that successfully got rid of the same anxiety complaints!

What is the refund policy?

Answer: For Project Fearless we have a full money-back guarantee. Within 21 days, can send as a message via the chat or an email and we will refund you money. The guarantee period starts when you activate the 7-day trial. So within the first 7 days, during the trial, you can cancel the trial and after the 7-day trial, you can send us an email to get a refund! We can offer this, because we have put in such tremendous effort in Project Fearless and we know it worked already for thousands of people! We know that anyone who applies the information in their life will go through a hugely powerful transformation. We don't offer magic tricks, but changes that are guaranteed to transform your life. If you give your all and follow everything you learn in the program, you will eventually overcome your anxiety and if you look back on the old you and your old life, you won't even recognize it. It will be that powerful.

We want to do everything we can to get you to take this step, which is why we want to remove all uncertainty and risk. We can't wait for your success story, but this starts with you. You have to take the first step!

What is the revenue model or Fearless Bay?

Answer: Fearless Bay teams up with a lot of brands, bloggers, influencers and affiliate companies to spread to word to as many people as possible. For every person that enrolls in Project Fearless all the parties will earn a commission. Some affiliate companies that Fearless Bay works with are ClickBank, JVZOO and Affiliate Program DB.

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