Check out the frequently asked questions about Project Fearless

Is Project Fearless a program or online course?

Answer: Project Fearless consists of several modules with video material and in this respect can be seen as a video course. But it is designed so that changes in lifestyle and habits can be gradually implemented in your life. A new module opens every week, giving you time to create new habits. From this point of view, we call it a program rather than a course.

What is the refund policy?

Answer: For Project Fearless we offer, as we call it, a 'Better than no risk guarantee'. This means that if you don't see any improvement or feel any change in your relationship to anxiety after 21 days, we will refund you the full amount. Not only this, we also give you another 50 dollars. You may be wondering now: which company is crazy enough to give customers extra money back? We have such tremendous confidence in Project Fearless, because we know anyone who applies the information in their life will go through a hugely powerful transformation. We don't offer magic tricks, but changes that are guaranteed to transform your life. If you give your all and follow everything you learn in the program, you will eventually overcome your anxiety and if you look back on the old you and your old life, you won't even recognize it, it will be that powerful.

We want to do everything we can to let you take this step, which is why we want to remove all uncertainty and risk. We can't wait for your success story, but this starts with you. You have to take the first step!

Is this program suitable for me and my situation?

Answer: If you have anxiety and feel like you are being held back by anxiety then yes this program is for you! It does not matter in what form the fear manifests itself, if the anxiety is the underlying cause then this program will help you. The methods and changes in lifestyle and habits have worked wonders for people who suffer from anxiety symptoms. It doesn't matter whether you suffer from OCD, Pure O, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, depersonalization, intrusive thoughts or whatever manifestation of anxiety.

If you still have doubts whether it is suitable for you, send us an e-mail or contact us or via the chat on our website.

How fast will I overcome my anxiety?

Answer: Everyone overcomes anxiety at his or her own pace. Anxiety is a complex mechanism and every person is different, but if you go for it fully and continue to apply everything in your life, you will eventually achieve lasting results and overcome your anxiety. Project Fearless consists of the most effective approaches and lifestyle changes. Unlike much of the public's advice, which will only temporarily reduce anxiety, the approaches and methods from Project Fearless will reinforce each other and create a lifelong transformation.

What happens after the payment?

Answer: Once you have paid, the instructions will tell you what the next steps are. It is very simple. You will have direct access to the course environment, so that you can watch the first videos right away. You also get access to the Fearless Bay Tribe, where you can make the journey with other like-minded people. Our support is also always there for you!

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