About Fearless Bay

We help people to rise above their anxiety and find their power

Our Core Purpose 

Imagine a world where people rise above their fears and embrace their true potential.

We live in a fast-paced, connected world, in which it is easy to get lost in an endless stream of thoughts and anxiety. We are busier than ever before and we face many expectations. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful time we live in. The time is now to become the best version of yourself and to discover your own power. There is no 'one trick' that will stop you from having anxiety. Curing anxiety for good requires transformation.
There is a power in every person. Anxiety can cover and hide this power, just as the clouds can do with the sun, but it is there. Our passion is to make these clouds disappear so that the power comes out once and for all.

Imagine a spark that start a fire that spreads and spreads and light up the world of one person at a time. A movement that awakens and frees the true potential of human beings. Together we can transform the world and shine our light on it. 

For every person we help transform, a fire ignites that will spread across the world. Living from strength, happiness and confidence. Our dream and goal is to be that spark, WE are Fearless Bay.

About the founder

When Ronny Oosterling struggled with anxiety he tried everything to get rid of his anxiety, without any lasting results. After many years of study and trial and error he created a blueprint to heal anxiety at it's core, which is now know as the Tranformational all-in-one Approach to anxiety.

With 8+ years of experience he has personally helped hundreds of people completely heal their anxiety. Now he is helping people from all over the world to rise above their anxiety and find their true power with his books 'Courage' and 'The 5-Step Method', and Project Fearless
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